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Fire Damage Testimonials

P.S. There was a high valued, sentimental photo we did not receive when we started to unpacked our boxes. I called the next day and they new exactly the photo I was speaking of. They did say it was considered non-restorable however they still had the photo on site (they did not throw it) and we were welcomed to either claim it with insurance or pick it up! This also happened with some dining plates, they knew exactly what we had and where it was. :)

The Casper SERVPRO team is amazing! We had a house fire last year and had to deal with two cleaning companies for all of our belongings. 

SERVPRO arrived to our home the day of our fire to give an estimate and walk us through the clean up process. It was comforting to have them their immediately as our heads were already spinning with questions since we were pushed out of our home. We often had silly questions but when we called to ask, everyone was very understanding. 

The staff was knowledgeable about our account and was always able to direct us to the right contact person. I don't think I ever waited more than 3 hours for a return phone call.

They were quick on paperwork and the conversations between them and our insurance company has been so simple. It's been out of our hands and the only thing we had to worry about was stopping in to review any personal belongings that were deemed as non-restorable. I am overly impressed with how many items they were able to save and remove smoke smell from! 

The only down side, which may not be their fault, is one piece of our furniture is majorly scratched. Typically SERVPRO will remove all belongings from your home and take them to their warehouse to clean and when you can move back in the home, they bring everything back and put it away for you. Sadly we moved out of state and had all of our belongings from the warehouse put into a huge moving truck. It is possible the huge scratch on the furniture is from how it was packed and it probably rubbed against some metal :(

Besides that, I would highly The Casper SERVPRO team. 

Serpvro did a great job coming in and cleaning up our grease fire. They were very professional, They showed up on time, and was very polite. Thank you

Extremely knowledgeable, very professional. The crew was on time and they did a good job cleaning up after themselves. You have a darn good team.

I was impressed with SERVPRO employee's. They were professional and courteous. They answered any questions or concerns I had. I would recommend them to anyone. 

Some of us wanted to say an extra Thank You! From fire to stains, you have been there for us! To all of you at SERVPRO... Thank you for your kindness and great quality of workmanship. From all of us!